Other products

Seats trikes, gyroplanes and aircraft. Weight - 1.9 kg. Design - a sandwich of fiberglass. Height 650 mm, width 470 mm, depth 470 mm.

Wheel pants. Kohl and without a keel. The material - fiberglass. Wheel size 400*100 mm, 400*150 mm and 500*200 mm .

Wheels pants for Cessna, Eurostar, RV-6, 7 and RV-10.

Wingtips and horizontal tail Cessna Cardinal and Cessna-172.

Axles 20 mm

Wheels 8 "

Plastic spring landing gear for take-off weight of 300 to 600 kg.

Rotary atomisers for agricultural aircraft, m=1.12 kg

Aircraft control knob