Dear friends and colleagues!

I’d like to tell you about the propellers from Ukraine.
They are manufactured by my friends from Kharkov, Kiev and others city in our country.
They are professionals with a great experience.
We’re manufacturing mostly composite propellers with ground variable pitch since 1993.
They’re production is very fast and efficient.
Also we’re producing a lot of propellers for paragliding. 
They are quite popular in the whole world.
Wooden propellers have a very long history in Kharkov. 
They were produced since the beginning of the previous century. 
We do produce them too; however it is handwork and takes a lot of time to manufacture.
Ukrainian engineers have also produced great fans for wind turbines. 
They are widely used in the home and in the field.
If you’ll have any questions, I’ll be glad to give you the answers.
Good luck and have a good day!

Best Regards,
Vladimir Meglinsky


My track record:
- Designer of Kharkov aircraft factory,
- leading designer "Lilienthal"aviation company,
- participate in the development and certification of aircraft X-32,
- Chief Designer "Lilienthal"aviation company,
- CTO "Lilienthal" aviation company,
- participate in the development of X-34 aircraft,
- Editor Aviation magazine "General Aviation"
- chief editor of the aviation magazine "Wings. News light aircraft"
- chief editor of the catalog "Catalogue of light aviation in Russia and Ukraine."